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    亚洲999As Lefarge thought over the matter, he saw that the statement was one which admitted of a good many tests, and he felt that, if it stood those he had enumerated, it might be fully accepted.


    ‘That sounds all right, sir, I admit. But I’m afraid a clever counsel could upset it. You see, there’s more than surprise in a shock. There’s horror. And it could be argued that Felix got both surprise and horror when the cask was opened.’
    ‘No, thanks.’
    Then he remembered the closing of the front door. Fran?ois had heard it shut at 1.00 a.m. If Felix left at 11.45, who shut it? As far as he could see, either Felix must be lying when he said he left at 11.45, or else Madame must have gone out by herself at the later hour. But the lawyer did not know which of these had happened, and the worst of it was there seemed no way of finding out.


    1.‘He went out at once?’
    2.The stout man unhooked the loader and fixed it in position.
    3.Burnley got into the same position, and looked at the carpet.
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